A new tool
to make fonts
and more.

F%NT is user friendly

You can create glyphs, icons, pictograms or patterns in few clicks. You can export your file and use it anywhere as a font or as SVG.

Mouse friendly (trackpad and trackball too)

  • Click to draw or erase your « pixel »
  • Click to export in OTF or SVG
  • Click to choose your glyph
  • Drag the line to change the grid
  • Click to test your font like a webfont !

Keyboard friendly

  • Use arrows to move your « pixels » ; ✨
  • Press any key to choose your glyph ;
  • Use pageUp and pageDown to navigate.
  • Press ESC to switch to webfont
create with F%NT

This is fun.

create icons (inspired by Susan Kare)


Save and share ️your creation with the CL%UD button ; merge with another F%NT, get your F%NT key in the url and write it in the IMP%RT text field.


IMP%RT field is tricky, you can rip « pixels » from any fonts (if this one is legally eligible for modifications.) Try 9px ‘Source Code Pro’ !

Last but not least

  • Free !
  • Grid is flexible !
  • Add your own module in SVG ;
  • Preview is printer ready ;
  • Animated gif !
  • And more with command $_ !